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Boy Williamsburg you’re having quite a week with your brand new Starbucks, and now here comes news that you could be getting a Shake Shack to call your own! [  Read more

In the middle of a hot July day, we can understand wanting to do whatever it takes to cool down — just don’t waste water! The New York City Department  Read more

Have a nomination for a jaw-dropping listing that would make a mighty fine House of the Day? Get thee to the tipline and send us your suggestions. We’d love to  Read more

Is Shake Shake eyeing Williamsburg for its next Brooklyn outpost? Gothamist hears as much from the superintendent of one of the new residential buildings on South 4th Street, who says  Read more

[UPDATE BELOW] Well, that didn’t take long. Though officials claimed Greenpoint’s East River Ferry stop would be ready for service by today, it appears the India Street dock won’t be  Read more

It’s been announced that HBO has greenlit a "mockumentary" to star non-polarizing, not-at-all controversial television people Andy Samberg, Lena Dunham, and Fred Armisen. (Actual America’s Sweethearts Will Forte and Soledad  Read more

Domaine takes a tour of Real Housewives of New York star Carole Radziwill’s newly renovated, surprisingly not-tacky NYC pad. Its seems Carole’s got a taste for bold, contrasting prints—just like  Read more

The Cyclones’ success at home continued on Thursday as Scarlyn Reyes pitched perfectly into the fourth inning and the Clones picked up another win at home. Read more. Read more

The half-a-block long stretch of Centre Street that sits under the BQE between Red Hook and Carroll Gardens seems like a weird setting for a craft brewery, least of all  Read more

State Senate candidate Sean Henry is putting issues of homelessness and poverty at the center of his campaign to unseat Senator John Sampson. For Henry it’s a personal battle, having  Read more

Image via Co.Exist The jury’s still out on whether sitting at a desk all day, like most things in life, is slowly killing you. But the Amsterdam-based architects of RAAAF  Read more

Next month, bicyclists can become art for a good cause. Artist Jessica Findley is bringing back the Aeolian Ride for its 10th birthday, and you too can cruise from Brooklyn  Read more

NYPD terror chief John Miller wanted a first-hand look at the scene of the white flag caper high atop the Brooklyn Bridge — so he made the death-defying climb with...  Read more

With the Israeli-Palestinian conflict raging in the Middle East, and tensions in Brooklyn’s Jewish and Arab communities running high, the Kings Bay Y (3495 Nostrand Avenue) is setting table for  Read more

When it comes to the absurd offerings of Anthropologie, purveyor of all the bohemian-fairy essentials, catalogs filled with half-crumbled rooms and $9,000 tents are apparently just the beginning. BuzzFeed rounds  Read more

A remorseless Brooklyn thug who pleaded guilty Friday to shooting a police officer in exchange for a 25 year prison term coldly sneered of the permanently injured cop: “He can...  Read more

Downtown Brooklyn home seekers could see some rent relief as thousands of apartments come on line and the law of supply and demand kicks in, experts say. About 4,000 units  Read more

EVENT: Yogi Skate Dance

Huh. This is weird.  Tonight for $30 at Skate Brooklyn you can take a long yoga class, then skateboarding clinic and then it’s a dance party. I  Read more

CompStat reports are produced by the New York Police Department on a weekly basis. We summarize the week’s statistics for the 61st Precinct reports every Friday. The 61st Precinct is  Read more

Photo via Design Sponge What’s truly amazing about this overhaul of a 1979 Airstream aluminum trailer, a transformation recently chronicled by the hipster-chic powerhouses over at Design Sponge, is not,  Read more

A slide show of photographs from the past week in New York City and the region includes images from the funeral of a Staten Island man and white flags on  Read more

  David Oppenheim has lived in Brooklyn for 37 years, but before that he was a teenager (going into his 20s) with a camera growing up in Westchester County. He  Read more

This week in things that are “causing everyone in D.C. to collectively lose their minds,” the framework of a shipping container apartment complex has been assembled on an otherwise quant-looking  Read more

Police say a Brooklyn woman was brutally dismembered and had her body parts strewn across a 40-mile stretch of Long Island, all because she reportedly refused to pay her fake  Read more

The masterminds of the white flag attack on the Brooklyn Bridge probably figure they attended to every last detail and elegantly covered their tracks. “We pulled it off, comrade,” they’re  Read more

Photo by Melanie Acevedo/Veranda Disenchanted with her search for the perfect summer home and desperate for an escape from the city, renowned decorator Charlotte Moss took matters into her own  Read more

According to a media release today, City Council Member Vinnie Gentile has responded to mounting concerns about the scale of the illegal home conversion problem in his district by convening  Read more

What kind of home do you move into after you sell a 100-room L.A. mansion for $102M in cash? If you’re Suzanne Saperstein, the former owner of Fleur de Lys,  Read more

Is your kid the next Roger Federer or Anna Kournikova? They could be, and now there are free programs at local schools to help them get there. The New York  Read more

Saved from subdivision-hungry developers and given a $1.5M restoration, the only Frank Lloyd Wright home in Houston has returned to the market, heralded by the Wall Street Journal. Designed by  Read more

Results 181–210 of 1850.

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