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Photo via Trend Land · Moroccan-Inspired Courtyards · App draws maps of urban movement. · Housing at the old city wall in Berlin. · Fort Greene farmhouse asks $2.975M. ·  Read more

A 7/10/14 New York Times op-ed, Break the Immigration Impasse: Sheldon Adelson, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates on Immigration Reform, featured the august personages of Microsoft founder Gates, legendary investor Buffett, and  Read more

A Message from Empire State Development (ESD) regarding the April 30th public hearing on the Atlantic Yards Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement:

On March 28, 2014, the Board of

Directors  Read more

PUBLIC HEARING on Atlantic Yards

Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

Wednesday, April 30

5:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Long Island University

Room HS 107

75 DeKalb Avenue

This Wednesday, April 30th starting at 5:30 the Empire  Read more

Some of the photographer’s notes from the field, which I always enjoy: I was shooting on the pier when it started to downpour. By the time I got to shelter  Read more



FIPS readers are no suckers, but the rest of the Internet was flipping the fuck out on Friday over the escape of a “mostly harmless” lil  Read more

It could be pack-up time for two allegedly crooked pols — indicted state Sens. John Sampson, of Brooklyn, and Malcolm Smith, of Queens, who both face stiff Democratic primary challenges,...  Read more

Good morning, Brooklyn friends,I meant to give a sign of life much sooner, but between traveling, sightseeing and meeting new friends, the time slipped by.  As I had mentioned in  Read more

Photos ©2014 MK MetzThousands gathered on Smith Street in Brooklyn on Sunday for the 13th annual Bastille Day celebration -- the biggest Bastille celebration in the U.S.French folk  Read more

The new roller rink at Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 2 officially opened on Friday, drawing hundreds of skaters young and old to get their glide on. Read more. Read more

Danny Tamberelli is now part of a sketch comedy group called ManBoobs, performing at Union Hall on July 18. Read more. Read more

It’s game, set and match for long-awaited repairs to Bay Ridge parks. Read more. Read more

That video that you made in your apartment last night — no, not that one — might just be cinematic gold. Read more. Read more

Ivan Ramen In the realm of food, as in many other things, different members of my family have tended to cultivate different areas of expertise. My wife is the family  Read more

The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival culminated in Williamsburg yesterday, with rapper Jay Electronica giving fans lots of bang for their buck thanks to guest appearances from Jay Z, Mac Miller,  Read more

This time, a pitcher walked in the winning run! Read more. Read more

This week, the Screecher murders his mother tongue, and cheers on a little opera singer! Read more. Read more

Free Introductory Class to Kundalini Yoga

Monday, July 14th, 7:15 p.m. to 8:15 p.m.

A free introduction to Kundalini yoga, with Rita London. Space is limited, so RSVP right away to info  Read more

Marty Markowitz—tourism official, ex-Brooklyn Borough President, and frequent light-saber wielder —held a meeting with the DNC delegation on Saturday to urge the party to select Brooklyn’s Barclays Center for the  Read more

Brooklyn beach-goers were treated to a little something extra on Saturday, as a plane pulling a banner of swastikas flew over Brighton and Manhattan Beaches. [ more › ] Read more

[caption id=”attachment_400100” align=”aligncenter” width=”575”] Williamsburg in the 1940s[/caption]

Before Williamsburg was overrun by hispters, gentrified and, most recently, invaded by finance bros, it was a quite and working-class neighborhood. In  Read more

This is probably the most efficient use of 240 square feet we’ve ever seen. Brooklyn architect Tim Seggerman renovated this tiny brownstone apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side for its  Read more

You're invited to a Culture Wave hosted by the Bay Ridge Arts and Cultural Alliance this Friday, July 18, at Bay Ridge's first Summer Stroll of the season.

The Wave begins  Read more

Always remember: basketball, like the other pro sports so many people put their hearts into, is a business.So this advertisement from last year, featuring the three players--two of them aging  Read more

In Case You Missed It (ICYMI): What’s this? A Sunday post on Sheepshead Bites? Yep, we’re doing that now. You’ve got a big week ahead of you because you’re an  Read more

A post two days ago on Atlantic Yards Watch, Dangerous loose panels on Dean Street?, suggested that loose panels on the upper floors of modular units on the B2 site along Dean  Read more

In celebration of “World Swastika Rehabilitation Day” a […] Read more

The push to bring the 2016 Democratic National Convention to Brooklyn got off on the wrong side of the river Saturday — the first meeting between borough boosters and party...  Read more

A spacey religious group flew a banner with a swastika on it over Coney Island and the Rockaways on Saturday. The Raelian religion shelled out $2,000 to rent a plane...  Read more

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