February, 2017

Donovan duck! Ridge Rep. won’t hold public meetings here

Brooklyn Is Angry: A Bay Ridge congressman says he’ll never have a town hall meeting in Brooklyn after being mocked in signs plastered across the neighborhood and heckled the last time he showed up here. Comments (13)

Locals protest Gentile over staffer’s harassment allegations

Bay Ridge: And they came armed with stuffed animals. Comments (9)

Protestors slam Rep. Donovan outside Dyker office

Dyker Heights: They demanded he meet with his constituents and defend his controversial support of Trump’s immigration ban and congressional Republicans’ quest to undo the Affordable Care Act. Comments (10)

Speaker gives ‘State of the City’ at Kings Theatre

Midwood: She was the queen of Kings Theatre. Comments (1)

Pol made up Brooklyn’s
9-11 connection to defend Trump travel ban

Bay Ridge: State Sen. Marty Golden went on the radio and said several hijakers lived in Bay Ridge — but a 600-page Federal report says otherwise. Comments (38)

Zigun: ‘Coney Island must secede from the Union, and I’m the man to lead it’

Politics: And he says he’s taking Sea Gate with him whether they like it or not. Comments (4)

Bay Ridge protests pro-‘Muslim ban’ Rep. Donovan

Politics: They heckled him at a Chamber of Commerce breakfast about Trump’s impact on local business. Comments (5)

January, 2017

State suing Board of Elex for ‘illegal’ voter purge

Politics: Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has joined the suit brought by a good-government group and the Feds. Comments (7)

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Jeffries: Trump is ‘reality-show host masquerading as president’

Clinton Hill: The congressman gave his State of the District address Downtown last night. He didn’t talk a lot about the district. Comments (5)

Locke in: All-night philosophy fest takes on Trump

Prospect Heights: Kant stop won’t stop! Comments (4)

Sampson and deny ya! Judge ignores leniency plea, sentences disgraced pol to 5 years

Politics: This once-powerful pol has lost his clout. Comments (3)