Brooklyn Bridge ‘Park’

June, 2017

Float your boat: Kayak polo players make a row in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Bridge ‘Park’: They’re making a splash! Comment

Duck and cover! Steel plummets from Manhattan Bridge near outdoor gym

Bridge ‘Park’: It could have been death from above. Comments (3)

May, 2017


Light showers: Park gets lit with ‘Umbrella Project’ dance

Bridge ‘Park’: Go dancing with the stars! Comment

Give it a whirl! Artsy water feature opens in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Bridge ‘Park’: This art is water under the bridge! Comments (6)

Pier 6 settlement talks fail, judge to hear, decide on case

Bridge ‘Park’: A lawsuit over two controversial towers planned for Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park lies in the hands of the court after reps for the green space and Brooklyn Heights Association failed to reach a settlement, according to the civic group’s lawyer. Comments (3)

Give it a whirl! Artsy water feature opens in B’klyn Bridge Park

Bridge ‘Park’: This art is water under the bridge! Comment

April, 2017

Piering in! Two more groups allowed to work on Park towers negotiations

Bridge ‘Park’: More watchdog groups have a seat at the table — well, kind of. Comments (2)

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Bounce in our step: Squibb Park Bridge reopens after 32-month closure

Awesome: You can cross this bridge when you get to it. Comments (6)

Park confidential: Planners, Heights Association hope to solve Pier 6 grievances behind closed doors

Bridge ‘Park’: Brooklyn Bridge Park officials and leaders of the Brooklyn Heights Association are cooking up a secret plan to resolve the fight over building income-producing luxury apartments at Pier 6 instead of creating more public green space there. Comments (2)

Judge to Bridge Park, activists on Pier 6: Work it out

Bridge ‘Park’: Don’t hate … negotiate! Comment

Exclusive Soho House opening in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Bridge ‘Park’: Swanky members-only club Soho House is opening an outpost in Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Empire Stores this fall, according to an e-mail sent to the exclusive association’s members on Tuesday. Comments (2)

Floating restaurant sailing to Bridge Park’s Pier 6

Awesome: All stomachs on deck! Comments (1)

Back in Bridge-ness! Squibb Park Bridge ready to reopen!

Bridge ‘Park’: The Squibb Park Bridge its bouncing back! Comments (8)

March, 2017

Bridge Park: Activists’ math is wack — we need cash now!

Bridge ‘Park’: They’re calling it a calculated move — with bad calculations! Comments (1)

Keeping the faith: Locals want to rethink planned plaza under Brooklyn Bridge

Bridge ‘Park’: Wooooah-oooooh, Brooklyn Bridge Park is halfway there in planning a new plaza, but — woooooah-oooooh — locals are livin’ on a prayer that they can change park honchos’ minds. Comments (6)

Bisque-y business! Luke’s Lobster takes over Bridge Park Smokestack Building, adds booze

Breaking Chews: It is a shellfish use of space! Comment

Bridge Park activists honored at Heights civic’s annual shindig

Bridge ‘Park’: Three cheers for Brooklyn Bridge Park activists! Comments (4)

February, 2017

Activists: City figures show Bridge Park is way undervaluing its properties

Bridge ‘Park’: They claim the park stands to rake in $300 million more than it has projected over the next 50 years. Comments (8)

January, 2017

Feels like a new Fur-man! Bridge Park sprucing up ugly street

Bridge ‘Park’: They really know how to make an entrance. Comment