March, 2017

Looking up! Artist portrays Downtown skyscrapers with giant photos

Art: He’s bringing his art to new heights! Comment

Pow ’er up! Colorful exhibit re-imagines old images

Art: Her paintings pack a punch! Comment

Fashion show: O’Keeffe’s outfits and art on display

Art: It’s the clothes that make the artist. Comment

Paper trail: French artist creates a flat forest

Art: He’s a paper back painter! Comment

February, 2017

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Touch screens: Interactive art show for kids comes to BAM

Art: Talk about techno music! Comment

Paper moon: Dumbo exhibit will leave visitors moonstruck

Art: Talk about the dark side of the moon! Comments (1)

Heads up! Art video of fancy hijabs screening at Barclays Center

Art: They’ll be queens of the screen! Comment

Myrtle teach: Fort Greene artwalk celebrates black history month

Art: Take a stroll down memory avenue. Comment