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Saturday, March 31, 2007

The (dirty) Gospel of Rev. Vince

Nightlife: Meet Brooklyn’s hippest preacher — live from a Williamsburg bar! Comment.

Rock Mecca

Music: The Brooklyn Paramont Theater returns to glory. Comment.

Civic Calendar

All the important meetings you should be going to. Comment.

Decanters and Decanting

Sponsored Content: When I teach aspiring Wine Captains about decanting wine, I tell them that there are three “Official” reasons for decanting, and one “Insider’s” reason. Comments (1).

Writing the book on a new haggadah

Smartmom: Smartmom tries out the new Buddhist haggadah. Comment.

Faith Brush

Art: Red Hook artist’s faith on paper. Comment.

Slope cop shot

Park Slope: Flatbush Avenue was in lock-down and crawling with cops on Tuesday night after a gun-toting, pot-smoking criminal allegedly shot a police officer in the ankle less than two blocks from his 78th Precinct headquarters. Comments (2).

Cross the bridge

Event: Good Friday’s procession over the Brooklyn Bridge. Comment.

Bad luck charm

Carroll Gardens: A gold-plated police department charm bracelet attracted the attention of a bandit in Boerum Hill — plus more crime from Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens and Red Hook. Comment.

Beaten while relaxing in Fort Greene Park

Fort Greene: A quiet moment on a park bench turned out to be anything but for one Fort Greene man on March 22 — but at least the victim kept his valuables. Plus all the other Fort Greene and Clinton Hill crime. Comment.

Ice cream man bound & robbed in violent heist

Downtown: The Ben and Jerry’s on Atlantic Avenue is robbed — plus all the other Brooklyn Heights, DUMBO and Downtown crime. Comment.

Fools rule

Event: Coney Island celebrates Fools Day with a new Melville reading. Comment.

These evil space villains took her for a ride

Park Slope: A woman was forced at gunpoint by two thugs to drive to her bank and withdraw $1,500 on March 20. Comment.

FDNY slash puts Victory on life support

Bay Ridge: The FDNY will no longer send emergency ambulances to Victory Hospital — a decision that could doom the beleaguered hospital, days after local pols crowed that they had saved the troubled medical center’s ER. Comment.

Larry Scott: Brooklyn’s joke man preps us for April Fools Day.

Checkin’ in with: It’s a wonder that Larry Scott never got his ass kicked — the guy’s been clowning people since the age of 13. Comment.

High crime: Man’s stash is taken

Bay Ridge: A 22-year-old man was robbed by three men who took $70, two bags of marijuana, and, apparently, their victim’s common sense on March 10. Comment.

Brooklyn messes with Texas

Music: GO Brooklyn’s Texas correspondent checks in with the borough’s finest at South by Southwest. Comment.

Ratner’s new ‘Ward’

Atlantic Yards: Bruce Ratner is about to tear down the most historic building in the footprint of Atlantic Yards, but he’s doing it green! Comment.

Don’t know much about theology

Everyone believes in God, but no one knows the basics of religion — and a new book says that’s a problem. Comment.

Lamb I am

Dining: Wombat’s Charlie Statelman helps GO Brooklyn make an Easter meal with a modern twist. Comment.

Their faith is a stretch

Seeing them in Prospect Park, their figures posed in unison, a passerby might assume they were just an early morning exercise group. But all that stretching is actually a faith. Comments (1).

Was ‘Dine in Brooklyn’ a deal?

Dining: Our staff on their experiences with the ‘Dine in Brooklyn’ restaurant week. Comment.

The great thereafter?

What is heaven? What is hell? We hit the streets to find out. Comment.

That gay ol’ religion

Religious institutions reach out to gay and lesbian members. Comment.

‘Nothing’ but beliefs

Perspective: When you identify your religious affiliation as “Nothing,” it can be challenging to figure out what you do believe in. Comment.

Ratner’s buying him a new car!

Atlantic Yards: Bruce Ratner is buying the son of one of his fiercest opponents a Beemer. Comment.

 B’steeya my heart

Dining: Mediterranean cuisine on the Columbia Street Waterfront. Comment.

Matzo meal

Dining: The best holiday food is the kind that takes you home. Comment.

Myrtle, Inc.

Dining: The reinvention of Clinton Hill’s Myrtle Avenue. Comment.

Single white believer seeks same

Surfing through profiles on, it seems the prerequisite is to already be in a committed relationship — with the Lord. Comments (1).

God to Ratner: Don’t build so big

Brooklyn Angle: If there are any atheist opponents of Atlantic Yards, they might want to start believing in God — because God, apparently, is opposed to Bruce Ratner’s mega-development. Comment.

We can all get along: Faithful flourish in Kensington’s melting pot

Park Slope: From Gothic cathedral spires and towering synagogues to tiny storefront mosques, it’s hard to get around the Kensington or Flatbush neighborhoods without bumping into some manifestation of holiness. Faith lurks on nearly every corner. Comment.

State: We never saw Yards numbers

Atlantic Yards: State officials admitted this week that when they approved Atlantic Yards last year they were relying on documents that were incomplete — and may have even been in violation of Bruce Ratner’s original pact with the state and city. Comment.