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Saturday, Nov. 4, 2006

Bond bombshell

Atlantic Yards: Bruce Ratner’s sweetheart deal may be about to turn sour — thanks to the IRS. Comment.


Sharon Humphreys and Jacque Jones (pictured), co-chairs of the Crafts Guild at Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims, gave GO Brooklyn a sneak peek of the wares that will be for sale at the church’s Yankee Fair on Saturday, Nov. 11. Comment.


After performing in such distant lands as Belarus, South Africa and Australia, the exciting, decade-old Argentinean tango dance company, Estampas Portenas, is finally coming to Brooklyn. Comment.


There is such a thing as Smith Street fatigue. I know because I’ve experienced the syndrome. It began with a disappointing meal in one place, followed by another, and before long I was looking for new neighborhoods to explore. Comment.


Italian director Marco Tullio Giordana was unknown until his epic "The Best of Youth" was released in 2003. As BAMcinematek’s series "The Next Director: Marco Tullio Giordana" makes clear, he has been making vital, significant films for nearly 30 years. Comment.


I love my fur coat. I love it not only because it’s the most pricey, wearable thing I own, but also because this soft piece of fluffy magic saved me on all of those freezing, globetrotting nights. Anyone who has been to Russia in January knows what I mean. Comment.


Culinary Institute of America-trained Gavin McAleer (pictured) worked for chef David Burke at the Park Avenue Cafe and had a roller coaster of a ride with Rocco DiSpirito during "The Restaurant" fiasco, so when he decided to strike out on his own, he opted for something more down-to-earth: Chicory Brooklyn. Comment.


Rock tunes are blaring while a sawdust-covered man mounts a deer head to the barn wood walls of his country western lodge. Comment.

Keeping tabs on Slope’s affairs

Smartmom: The new film with Kate Winslet and hunky Patrick Wilson, “Little Children,” reminded Smartmom of something she’s known for a long time: extra-marital sex just isn’t worth the bother. Comment.

Still ‘sweet’ on Brooklyn

Development: The little Brooklyn biz known for creating Sweet’n Low celebrated its 500 billionth carnation-colored packet this week, reminding a Splenda-iferous world that the old lady of sugar-free is still going strong. Comment.

Red, Red Wine      

Sponsored Content: Autumn is here and, as the leaves turn color and fall from the trees, many a young man and woman find their thoughts turning from white and rosé to red... red wines! Many of the light, crisp, lively white wines and crisp rosés that we love to drink chilled on a hot day simply don’t seem as enticing once the leaves are on the ground and sweaters come from the closet. Many of the foods we eat during the colder months naturally call for a red to accompany them, too. Think: stews, roasts, b Comment.

Critics see Fossella damaged by Bush link

On the eve of one of his hardest-fought elections, four-term Rep. Vito Fossella — an unstinting supporter of America’s adventure in Iraq — this week bucked popular belief and the preponderance of evidence to say that the war is going well. Comment.

Election day smackdown mania

Atlantic Yards: 1. Terrorism: Over the past two years, I have supported the Terrorist Surveillance Program, which stopped an al-Qaeda plot to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge. Comment.

Marty crosses pond to pitch Brooklyn

Development: The King of Kings is in the land of Queens pitching a vacation fit for a prince. Comment.

Throw Fossella out

Editorial: Americans are, at long last, debating the disastrous Bush administration agenda — and, in large numbers, are finding it a failed one. Comment.

‘Eminent’ suit on Yards called a longshot

Atlantic Yards: A lawsuit against Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner and the state and city officials who allegedly conspired with him has little chance of success, said legal experts — including the lawyer who sued Ratner over his Metrotech project two decades ago. Comment.

Bearded lady robs a Slope bank

One of the thousands of costumed revelers parading through Park Slope on Halloween night took advantage of the mayhem to rob the local bank. Comment.

Taxidermist to hipsters: Stuff it!

A chic bar in Park Slope hosted a master class on how to mount dead animals. Comment.

Thor wields its hammer in Coney

Coney Island: The battle for the Boardwalk has begun. Comment.

Lefties phone it in for Dems

Brooklyn Angle: The revolution will be telephoned. And it will be fueled with Dunkin Munchkins, Fig Newtons, strong coffee and gallons of Arizona Iced Tea. Comment.

Study: Boro’s wealthy aren’t so healthy

Gentrified Brooklyn may be wealthier, but that doesn’t mean it’s healthier. Comment.

Hurst retailers not surprised

A rogue Sanitation enforcement officer remains on the job — even as the city investigates why he was caught on tape littering in front of several 86th Street stores and then hitting the stores with trash summonses. Comment.

Golden law puts gun thugs in jail

Think gun-toting thugs should go to jail? So does Bay Ridge’s state senator — whose bill mandating prison for criminals carrying an illegal gun finally passed this week. Comment.