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Saturday, Jan. 24, 2015

Let it flow: ‘Bushwick’ beer company hails its first ale

Branding Brooklyn: Braven’s first variety is here, but like much of Brooklyn Brewery’s product, it is being brewed upstate. Comment.

Friday, Jan. 23, 2015

Assemblyman on Silver: I won’t step ‘on somebody’s body who is dying’

Politics: Greenpoint’s assemblyman is not touching embattled Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver just yet. Comments (10).

Activists: Dem convention needs party police

Prospect Heights: Activists who live near Barclays Center are demanding that the city come up with a plan to soften the impact of the Democratic National Convention, should it come to Brooklyn in 2016. Comments (4).

Name blame: Pol drops ball in parents’ quest to honor dead daughter

Carroll Gardens: The parents of an 11-year-old Boerum Hill girl who died of an asthma attack in a case of police incompetence suffered a setback in their quest to honor her memory when a local pol dropped the ball on a simple piece of paperwork this week. Comments (7).

Chaotic street near Morgan L to become one-way

Mean Streets: The city wants to make Bogart Street a one-way to ease traffic. Comments (5).

Five things to do in Brooklyn this week!

Editor’s Picks: Ring in the Year of the Sheep, see the 1978 animated “Lord of the Rings” film, meet Misty Copeland and more great things to do in Brooklyn, Jan. 23–29. Comment.

Get your culture on in the Ridge

Bay Ridge Nights: Bay Ridge is tripping the arts eclectic this weekend, according to our pals at Comment.

Thursday, Jan. 22, 2015

High chase: Cops say crack-smoking burglar ran across Clinton Hill roofs

Clinton Hill: A suspected crack-smoking burglar led cops on a wild chase across several Clinton Avenue roofs on Jan. 16, according to a police report. Comments (1).

In rumbling color: Gowanus subway tracks backdrop of light show

Art: A Gowanus art group is lighting up the elevated F and G tracks along Ninth Street. Comments (4).

Cops: Ridge crook using phony debit card to steal cash

Bay Ridge: Law enforcement officials are looking for a man who used a “cloned” debit card to steal cash from another man’s bank account on Dec. 15. Comment.

Williamsburg bar throws sad dance party

Music: They will bring the music, you bring the tears. Comments (3).

Keeping heat under wraps: Radiator cover could revolutionize apartment dwelling

Circuit Lord: A Downtown startup is looking to solve the age-old New York problem of out-of-control steam radiators that turn apartments into the Mojave Desert during the winter with a computerized take on a simple concept — tossing cozies on them. Comment.

Trading days: Crummy mulls what it would take to unload some dead weight

Flagrant Fowl: Our curmudgeonly Nets columnist takes a hard look at what advantages are to be gained by continuing to stink at basketball. Comment.

Harry Potter fans to skate into Prospect Park

Event: You’re a blizzard, Harry! Comment.

The state of the Brooklyn

Page 1: My fellow Brooklynites, it is time to turn the page. The days when our home was a laughingstock, the butt of countless jokes, and land of people with funny accents is over. Our borough has risen up. We are no longer the forgotten stepchild of Manhattan — a place where cabs won’t go and real estate agents steer buyers from. No, my fellow Brooklynites, times have changed. And Brooklyn has changed for the better. And that’s a good thing. So my fellow Brooklynites, keep hustlin’. Comment.

The Dad’s cautious approach to the NYPD explained

The Dad: This week, the Dad let’s you know his rationale for his questioning of the men and women in blue. Comment.

Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2015

Deadly fire in Prospect Heights

Prospect Heights: One man died and 18 people were injured, four of them seriously, when flames tore through an apartment building on Flatbush Avenue in Prospect Heights, according to a Fire Department spokesman. Comments (3).

On Hynes’s tab: Former DA’s critics predict 100s of millions for wrongful convictions

Taxpayers have shelled out nearly $25 million for wrongful convictions obtained and upheld under former district attorney Charles Hynes, and the money could keep flowing as his replacement continues to reinvestigate questionable cases. Comments (6).

Coping with the winter: W’burg bar gets skateboarding bowl

Williamsburg: Skateboarders who have been braving the cold, snow, and road salt to get in a few grinds now have the option of warming up for a night’s drinking with a skate session in the newly installed bowl inside Williamsburg’s Black Bear Bar. Comments (1).

Dangerous Atlantic intersection to get overhaul

Mean Streets: City says the busy three-way intersection between Prospect Heights and Clinton Hill will be safer for pedestrians once the work is completed. Comments (11).

New doc chronicles Bay Ridge hardcore band Indecision

Cinema: Indecision lives and dies and lives again in New York City. Comments (1).

Group think: Philosophers host free public lectures for the masses

Event: Socrates said the un-examined life is not worth living — this is where you can start digging in. Comment.

Activists stage pro-cop protest on steps of Borough Hall

Downtown: Protesters rallied outside Borough Hall on Tuesday evening to decry what they say is insufficient support of the police. Comments (5).

Bad blue blood: Brooklyn cop seeking top spot in police union trashes foe

Greenwood Heights: A Greenwood Heights cop is trying to oust longtime police union head Pat Lynch as Lynch battles City Hall. Comments (7).